Training – The fall season 2020

In training, we keep our distance from each other and practice basic techniques, kata and pair exercises without a pair.

Training times from 1.9.2020

Tuesday at 20:00-21:00
Toukolanpuiston koulu
Valokkiviita 6
60150 Seinäjoki

Friday at 19:30-21:00
Kasperitalo / Lintuviidan koulu / hall (1-floor)
***Access to the hall from the shop’s parking lot, the western end of the building***
Tapiolantie 20
60150 Seinäjoki

Sunday at 17:30-19:30
Toukolanpuiston koulu
Valokkiviita 6
60150 Seinäjoki

We use the WhatsApp group to report extra exercises.
If you want to subscribe, please send your phone number to

Previously, those who have been trained in the kind can be directly involved in guided exercises Regardless of the previous style.

Other people interested in the sport can also join the exercises in the middle of the season. Previous experience of martial arts is not needed.

The club has not convinced the enthusiasts. You can ask for personal insurance from your own insurance company.

Junnukarate – 2020

More information:

Junnukarate continuation group
-Previously for trainees juniors

Junnukarate basic course group
-for beginner juniors
-the parent of the child can also participate in the training together with the child

For more information email:

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Children’s Karate costumes